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Kasos - All about the island and a little bit about Greece more generally

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This section is all about the island of Kasos and a little bit about Greece more generally. For those who have not yet been there it will give you an idea of what it is like and what there is to do. For those of you who are regular visitors it will remind for when you are next there. Take a look at some of the following pages:

Virtual Tour - a descriptive tour around Kasos
Location - where it is and how to get there
Admiralty Chart - a detailed map of the island
Weather - links to internet weather sites that cover Kasos
History - the history of the island from before 1700 BC to today
Festivals - the important days celebrated on Kasos
The Flag - the history of the Greek national flag
The Anthem - the Greek national anthem in English and Greek

Below is an aerial view of the island. In the top left hand corner you can see the Eastern tip of Crete; in the bottom right hand corner you can see Karpathos. Kasos lies in between. The small islands you can see next to Kasos are uninhabited but are good for fishing and swimming.

An aerial view of Kasos

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